November 24, 2013

World's tallest roller coaster to be built in Florida at 520 feet tall

The ride will feature dives, rolls, loops and inversions and reach speeds of 60 miles per hour
If you enjoy the sensation of falling several hundred feet to the ground, then you'll be glad to hear that the world's tallest roller coaster will be built in Florida. 

The 'Polercoaster' will extend 520 feet into the air and reach high speeds of 60 miles per hour. Plans for the roller coaster show that is will be a tower, and only 150 feet in diameter. 

By the time it's constructed in Spring 2016, the coaster will outrank the current world record holder - Six Flags New Jersey's Kingda Ka which is 456 feet tall. 

Unlike most roller coasters, customers will get on the ride at the top. 

Guests ride trains which take them to the top of the tower  where there will also be a double-decker restaurant and shops. In other words, a good last minute excuse to chicken out and not get on the ride. 

If you have last minute doubts, you can take a glass elevator to the observation deck to look out and consider whether or not you're afraid of heights. 

For those who decide to brave the ride, they will experience all the usual sharp dives, rolls, loops and inversions. 

The exact location of the Polercoaster hasn't been announced yet, as the purchaser plans to rename it in the coming weeks. 

Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services, would be surprised if the Polercoaster ended up in any of Orlando's main theme parks. 

'I think it might be in one of the associated, ancillary I-Drive [International Drive] type things, something of that nature,' he told the Orlando Sentinel. International Drive is a main thoroughfare in Orlando that goes through the heart of the city's tourist district. 

A spokesman for the Walt Disney corporation said they have 'nothing to announce at this time'. 

The Polercoaster will cost between $20 - $60 million and work is estimated to begin this summer.


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