November 25, 2013

Super Mario 3d World Review – A New Favorite (VIDEO)

The best way to play Super Mario 3D World, whether it’s offscreen or on, is with the GamePad. The platforming and running lends itself well to the spread out nature of the controller, but being able to touch and blow on the GamePad in order to affect enemies and reveal secrets is a lot of fun. Especially while playing in groups.
Super Mario 3D World is easily one of the best games on the Wii U and one of the best efforts in Mario’s entire franchise.

This game is the first to boast multiplayer cooperative play in a 3D space in the series. It delivers a huge scope while feeling small enough to play in quick bursts.

Super Mario 3D World can be challenging at points, but this mostly conquerable ride features a learning curve that’s never too steep or too aggressive to turn groups of gamers off.

With fun as its focal point, Nintendo has created a Mario title that sits as a must-own during an incredibly crowded moment in gaming. Super Mario 3D World is fantastic.

The first thing most fans should be concerned about with another Mario title is whether or not it feels fresh. For better or worse, Nintendo really used the heck out of New Super Mario Bros.. What started as just an off-series on the Nintendo DS made its way to the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

The real problem with the New Super Mario games? New Super Mario Bros. 2 hit in August of 2012, and New Super Mario Bros. U dropped in November of the same year. For a series that features almost identical music and pretty much the same assets again and again, posting two new entries separated by only a few months is a recipe to ruin desire from fans.

Enter Super Mario 3D World. This Wii U effort is the first 3D Mario game on a console sinceMario Galaxy 2, which released in 2010. It’s a follow-up in style to the Nintendo 3DS exclusiveSuper Mario 3D Land, which dropped in 2011. We’re several years removed from the last Mariogame of this ilk, and Super Mario 3D World is so much better because of that fact.

From the moment you start playing this game in World 1-1, it feels new. The big band music, brand new power-ups, constantly changing environments and truly unique levels pile up to make it the freshest Mario experience we’ve had since Galaxy on the Wii.

It feels so good to play a Mario game that’s different.

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