November 17, 2013

How Rolls Royce owners make their exclusive £250,000 cars even more unique (VIDEO)

Not content with the standard Phantom, new owners have been customising their cars with everything from picnic hampers, jewellery boxes and even diamonds.
A tailor-made picnic set is in the boot of one opulent car while another customer asked for a built-in jewellery box in the glove box.

One buyer wanted a Thermos flask tucked into the door of their new car. Rolls Royce had to build the whole door just to crash test the design, then recreated it on the car.

People that want to use their new car for stargazing, but still value privacy, can get the roof of the car transformed into a night sky with hundreds of fibre optic lights.

The most recent car they have created is the Celestial Phantom which has 446 diamonds.

An aviation clock was set in the dashboard of another and Rolls Royce offers personalized marquetry.

Matching luggage and aluminum cup holders are also available to customers, reports 

Previously, Rolls Royce has matched the colour of a car to a customer's lipstick and will embroider any logo or initials onto the car's upholstery. 

The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy emblem, on the bonnet of every car, can be recreated in solid 24-carat gold and Rolls Royce can source the wood for the car from a tree on wealthy customer's estates. 

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