November 24, 2013

Goodbye Facebook, hello Happier?

Log on to Happier - it’s like Facebook and Twitter, without the snarking. But can this new social network help us feel better about ourselves?
Heard of social networking site Happier? It’s a new site where users can sign up to feel inspired, uplifted and generally happy – marketed as ‘a delightful anecdote to the ironic snark of other social sites’, which they say make you feel depressed, unhappy and a bit inferior to everybody else. 

Granted, it sounds like a clever idea in theory and of course, anything designed with happiness in mind sounds good in our book, but to be honest we’re not quite convinced. Isn’t removing negativity from a social network a bit, well, um, impossible? Plus, while we’re all a little bit too familiar with those heart-sinking moments of depression Facebook brings about (ex got a new boyfriend? Best mate had a night out and not invited you? Wahey, an album’s just been uploaded to rub your face in it!) we’ve got to admit that sometimes, the crap bits of Facebook are kind of what we like about it in the first place.

Here’s our list of rubbish things we’ll miss if social networking turns all ‘nice and happy’.....

1. Bitchy Facebook arguments. 
We’re lovers, not fighters (obvs) but there’s something brilliant about watching a heated debate unravel on Facebook every now and then. Something that all-too-often starts with an mundane update (“Ah, having the best day with my man, loving life”) can quickly escalate into something more exciting (“So you’re still alive then? Didn’t hear back when I text you... pretty busy now you’re with Ben, huh?”) and before you know it, there’s a very public spat occurring. You have to keep a careful eye on them (it’s not uncommon for an argument to be quickly deleted from a wall) but if you catch it in time, it’s golden and highly entertaining.

2. Unflattering photos. 
We’ve all been tagged in an unflattering Facebook pic, but let’s be honest – they’re always hilariously funny (to others anyway) and kind of a part of life now. Also, the sheer volume of horrendous pics we’ve got lying around on our profiles makes it all the more pleasing when we’re tagged in a snap and we actually look half-decent. Wahey! Plus, think about it – if we’re only allowed to upload nice photos and leave ‘positive’ comments, then soon we’re not going to know when anybody’s telling the truth anymore. “Looking gorgeous lady!” will soon be applied to every single picture you upload, meaning all sense of perspective will be lost. A minefield, surely?

3. Moaning updates. 
If the future of social networking only allows us to talk about nice things and upload happy pictures, then it will probably suck. Because sometimes it’s quite nice to have a little rant or upload a depressing pic (empty fridge/broken iPhone/dodgy passport snap) and have a bit of a laugh at it, isn’t it? Not all pictures or updates can be happy and uplifting and sometimes it’s pretty cathartic to get it all out in the open among friends before moving on and getting over it. Right?

4. Unexpected un-friending.
Ouch. Discovering you’ve been ‘unfriended’ is a painful knock to the ego and something that definitely wouldn’t be allowed on ‘happy’ social network sites. But actually, being un-friended is a GREAT thing – you don’t want people who don’t care about you on your Facebook page accessing all your private info, do you? Plus, that cruel un-friending makes it even sweeter when you get a tail-between-legs ‘Friend request’ two weeks later from the very same person, when they realise what they’ve been missing.

5. Drunken socialising. 
Usually a very bad thing (when you read the messages you dished out the next morning and cringe your very life away) but also a great thing because on social networking, what goes around, comes around, baby! You’ll be getting a drunken poke any day now from somebody you least suspect, mark our words (and you’ll blimmin’ love it).

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