November 6, 2013

Electric bike made by sports car manufacturer at UK

British sports car maker Caterham has unveiled its first collection of motorbikes.

The iconic firm, which is a favourite of Simon Cowell, launched a rugged motorbike it is calling an SUV on two wheels, alongside a pair of electric bicycles.

The firm's aggressive-looking motorbike is named the Brutus 750, and will be going on sale early next year.

The motorbike has chunky tyres and can be operated as a street bike, off-roader and even a snowmobile with slight modification.

The company said: 'The Brutus delivers the ultimate in flexibility and riding simplicity thanks to a 750cc single-cylinder engine that delivers its power through an automatic gearbox.'

It claims to be the first motorbike with automatic transmissions as well as the 'first ever two-wheel SUV'.

Caterham also unveiled two electric bicycles, which can be ridden on the road without a driving license, but so far there is no news about how fast each of the models might be able to go.

A spokesman for the company told MailOnline: 'The bikes are all still in prototype form and, as such, no performance testing has yet been conducted.'

The Classic E-Bike has a retro look and a range of up to 45 miles, while the Carbon E-Bike is inspired by Caterham’s F1 technology.

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