November 9, 2013

Did you know! average 3 million mites on every mattress that feed on human skin (VIDEO)

These shots from an animation by Germany group Sciepro Science Productions show house dust mites moving and feeding among human waste
These alien-like beings look like something from another planet - and chances are they have already invaded your home. 

An animation created by German-group Sciepro Science Productions shows house dust mites moving and feeding among human waste.

Mites thrive in human habitations, especially bedrooms and kitchens, with an estimated two to three million mites in the average mattress.

The video reveals how the creatures feed on flakes of human skin in places such as carpets, bedding and furniture.

The uninvited guests are barely visible to the unaided eye, with the average mite measuring only a quarter of a millimetre in length.

They thrive in warm environments and are a particular problem in winter when houses are sealed up to keep out the cold.

They are also a major trigger for asthma and other allergic reactions due to their faeces which are approximately the same size as a pollen grain.

Faeces are released into the atmosphere several times a day, when vacuuming or sitting on a settee, or when in bed at night turning over.

The video was made by SciePro founder Sebastian Kaulitzki and animator Sankalp Chavan, who specialise in medical animations.

Based on reference videos of real dust mites, Mr Kaulitzki and his team create animations of things inaccessible to photographers and their cameras.

Recent examples of their work include an animation of a head louse.

They are currently working on parasites of the digestive system including tapeworms and hookworms.

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