November 3, 2013

Audi designs the futuristic supercar in 'Ender's Game' (VIDEO)

Summit Entertainment called upon the German car manufacturer Audi to design a virtual supercar for its latest action movie. Harrison Ford can be seen behind the wheel of Audi's virtual Fleet Shuttle quattro in "Ender's Game," which arrives in US theaters on November 1. 

At the premiere for Gavin Hood's "Ender's Game" at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, Audi presented a 1/4 scale model of this unusual car in the presence of the film's cast, which includes Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Abigail Breslin.

On the set of the film, Harrison Ford was actually driving an Audi A7 Sportback, which editors replaced with the images of the Audi Fleet Shuttle quattro during post-production. The car was designed using digital imaging software only and will not become an actual vehicle.

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