November 19, 2013

Appears Another Photo Of Girl And Leave Being Hanged Message On #Facebook (VIDEO)

"Bye everyone. I have nothing, I have nothing. July, I love you. Never forget that. I leave with a smile how happy you made me while it lasted. To my family, I ask forgiveness. The wants, Gabi, "wrote the woman, originally from Veracruz, before committing suicide.
Gabriela Hernandez Guerra wrote a farewell letter and published a photo in which he appears with a cloth tied around his neck. It is aimed at an ex-boyfriend: “I leave with a smile how happy you made me”

Mexico does not leave his shock over the suicide of a young woman who announced his intention in your social network profile. It was deactivated after the image reap more than 20,000 “Likes” and will increase the number of followers in similar amounts. The images run through the web and also the words that he said goodbye to her family and her ex boyfriend, Julio.

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