October 9, 2013

Troubled #teenager Paris Jackson having 'horse therapy'

Paris Jackson is undergoing equine therapy following her suicide attempt
Troubled teenager Paris Jackson is having 'horse therapy' to help her deal with her demons following her father Michael Jackson's tragic death.

Paris, 15, has been in therapy since attempting suicide in June. The teen was said to have taken an overdose and slashed her wrists after struggling to come to terms with her father's death in 2009.

She is now being cared for at the Alpine Academy in Utah, a centre which offers soothing equine treatment to its patients.

Paris and other children at the centre groom, ride and talk to the horses as part of their therapy.

The Sun reports Paris has been at the countryside retreat since she left hospital, and is there with the blessing of her biological mum, Debbie Rowe.

Lisa DeJaynes, a horse therapy expert and friend of Debbie's, told the paper that the centre was 'safe and away from the cameras' and that the treatment helped to keep Paris focussed.

"Horse therapy keeps a person's mind occupied. They won't have to worry about their own problems, but concern themselves that the horse is being cared for and groomed properly," she said. "They will start talking to it as they're grooming or riding. It's empowering and gives them perspective on their own lives."

Lisa added that Paris would stay at the centre for around a year, and would then move in with Debbie at her Palmdale ranch, 60 miles from LA.

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