October 11, 2013

One Direction's #Louis_Tomlinson returns to the field after footie tackle as the band announce next single Story Of My Life

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson looks like hes recovered from the crunching tackle he received last month
Last month the singer was tackled to the floor by Aston Villa striker Agbonlahor, and was later pictured being sick at the side of the pitch at Celtic Park.

Hardcore 1D fans were so incensed at seeing Louis being tackled some took to social networking sites to issue death threats to Agbonlahor after the match.

He nevertheless made a full recovery and looked fighting fit in a grey T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, beanie hat and Vans trainers, scooping up the football with his feet and kicking high into the air to reach it. 

But the game was not without its surveillance as around 20 police officers and burly private security guards kept the enraptured crowds back while they played, posed, and waved for about 45 minutes.

Liam Payne concentrated as she kicked a ball whilst crowds of screaming girls watched on
Hundreds of superfans arrived hours early at the Christchurch venue in New Zealand waiting excitedly for the English and Irish pop group of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson first New Zealand gig on Thursday.

A handful of hardcore fans were unphased on Thursday by Christchurch Airport bosses who told them to stay away as they had no chance of seeing the lads.

But they were rewarded when they saw the singers walk off their jet, with Horan waving to a group of adoring fans.

Six hours before they were due on stage, around 200 mostly young girl fans were already at the CBS Canterbury Arena and around 60 youngsters gathered at the rear entrance to the venue, hoping for a wave from the boys.

One Direction have also just announced their next single Story Of My Life, which is said to be a bit more autobiographical.

Their second offering from their upcoming third studio album Midnight Memories, and one which Niall Horan said was one of his favorites from the new LP. 

There has no word of a release date yet, but the single's artwork shows the boys lounging on a road and pavement alongside some excerpted lyrics.

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