October 15, 2013

Nike unveils new Fuelband SE fitness tracker

With an easy-to-use interface and an automatic tracking system, Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Tracker measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It tracks calories burned, steps taken and more. It's also a great watch. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball and dozens of everyday activities.
The original fitness gadget just got a makeover.

Nike today unveiled the new Fuelband SE. The updated fitness tracker hits stores on November 6 for $149, with preorders starting today.

Among the new improvements for the 2013 model are Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility (for persistent and seamless syncing with the iPhone) and improved resistance to water. However, Android phone owners are out of luck, as the Fuelband remains an iOS-only accessory.

Physically, the new Nike Fuelband SE is almost identical to its predecessor. The wrist-worn gadget has a circular shape with a mostly black color scheme. New to this device are accents inside the band that flaunt different hues. Among these are pink, green, yellow, and red. The Nike+ swoosh logo has also been added.

The new Fuelband is the successor to the Nike's original fitness tracker which was first released in early 2012. While that product was a novelty at the time, competition in the market for wearable technology and fitness gadgets has exploded with the likes of products like the Fitbit Force and Jawbone Up.

Similar to those products, the new Fuelband SE is designed to push people towards moving more through out the day. Indeed, Nike imagines Fuelband users to buy into its Fuel activity point system which the company says is even more addictive than ever.

Why is Fuel so compelling a metric? Well Nike says it's the friendly competition among your peers contacts and friends that will push you towards your Fuel point goal that much faster. Also motivating is the chance to compare your Fuel point score against popular athletes to see just how you measure up.

Nike has also given the Fuelband companion app a graph displaying your activity and motion within 24 hours. Badges and virtual awards will play a big role in the latest Fuelband system.

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