October 2, 2013

#KimKardashian loads up on baby loot

Kim Kardashian and Kanye's baby may only be three-months old, but little North West already has a big wardrobe with a big price tag to match.
And she's back!

Sort of.

After hibernating for months following the birth of daughter North, Kim Kardashian has re-emerged. She's in Paris, with boyfriend Kanye West, hob-nobbing with designers and loading up on some very sweet baby gifts.

And let's just say that Buy Buy Baby and Baby Gap shopping sprees are so, well, ordinary.

Kardashian posted pictures on Instagram of the stuff gifted to North.

North will be wearing a Givenchy shirt, an Alexander Wang frock and a bunch of Lanvin clothing so cute it makes us jealous.

At least in a very fickle business, Kardashian stays true. You'll recall that she wore Givenchy to the Met Ball earlier this year.

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