October 4, 2013

#iPhone 5S motion sensors 'embarrassing' as tests show they do not work properly

The iPhone 5S spirit level failed in tests against a real one and other measuring tools have had problems
Sensor and measurement tools on Apple's iPhone 5S do not work properly, according to tests.

The phone's inbuilt gyroscope - vital for gaming - is skewed, Gizmodo.com reports.

Tests carried out by the website on the iPhone 5S running on iOS 7 also found that there are problems with the device's compass, and the built-in spirit level is degrees out.

Gizmodo said the apps worked well in the previous model, the iPhone 5.

It comes after experiments last week by fans showed that older iPhone models outperformed many of the upgrades.

Gizmodo said their tests showed the sensor apps were 'embarrassing'. 

It compared a real builder's spirit level to the in-built iPhone tool and found it was out by up to three degrees.

However, some users have complained that there is up to six degrees off, meaning it is almost useless. 

Tests on the inclinometer showed that even when laying flat on a table, the phone said it was tilted by three degrees.

Any problems with this tool would cause headaches for gamers, who tilt the device to control racing games.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5 also showed differing compass readings, according to the website.

It added that the app was also prone to freezing.

The website concluded that the issues could either be cause by software or hardware problems.

It said: 'The problem seems to be incredibly widespread, but it also affects different phones in different ways.

'It's a problem, whether you're a gamer, a home-improver, or someone who just wants their phone to work as advertised out of the box.'

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