October 11, 2013

#Ford's test the world's first accident avoidance technology detects obstacles in the road

Like it or not, your car could soon be a better driver than you. Ford is developing concept vehicles which are capable of avoiding obstacles in the road and, once you reach your destination, can park without even needing a human onboard.

Ford's accident avoidance technology detects obstacles in the road and, when needed, it will take control of the brakes and steering to avoid a potential crash.

While we all consider ourselves to be the best driver the world has ever seen, the simple fact is that humans are prone to making mistakes behind the wheel.

This is why Ford is developing concept cars that can automatically avoid obstacles in the road. The specially-equipped Ford Focus test vehicle can detect stopped or slowing vehicles, or pedestrians who happen to be in the same lane of travel.

Obstacles are spotted using radar, ultrasonic sensors, and a front-mounted camera. Once the system detects a slow or stationary object up ahead, the driver is issued a warning and a chime.

If the driver fails to react, Ford’s “Obstacle Avoidance” technology jumps to the rescue. The car will apply the brakes, scan for gaps in traffic, and take control of the electronic steering to guide the vehicle – and its occupants – to safety.

Ford says the system has been tested at speeds up to 38 mph.

Another feature under development is one that takes control of a car when it’s traveling at little more than a walking pace. Soon your Ford will be able to find a parking spot, whether or not you’re behind the wheel.

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