October 13, 2013

David and Victoria Beckham brands boast huge earnings of nearly £100,000 a day

The powerful duo Victoria and David Beckham have increased their combined business revenue from three companies to dizzying heights
Power couple David and Victoria Beckham have increased their combined business revenue to almost £100,000 a day, newly released documents have shown.

Papers lodged with Companies House show that Beckham Ventures Ltd, which handles Victoria's fashion range, increased its turnover to £15.4m in 2012.

David Beckham's football-focused business, Footwork Productions, grossed £16.5m on the back of endorsements and sponsorships.

A third company, Brand Beckham, grossed £3.2m, taking their combined turnover to £35.1m - more than £96,100 a day.

The growth of their business ventures shows the success of their ability to move on from being a football player and a pop star.

"They both work incredibly hard to make this work for themselves and their family," a source close to the couple told Sky News.

"Victoria's first love was always fashion, even when she was in the Spice Girls, and so it is great to see the success of her label.

"And David continues to be really busy with his charity work and the main business commitments."

Documents lodged for Beckham Ventures Ltd show that revenue growth for the label increased by 127%, on the previous year.

Clothes in Victoria's fashion line range from under £500 to more than £2,000.

As director of Footwork Productions, David paid himself £14.1m, up £800,000 on the previous year.

During 2012 Footwork Productions paid £98,000 in corporation tax, while Beckham Ventures paid £435,000 and Brand Beckham paid £490,000.

David Beckham retired from football in May after leaving Paris Saint-Germain, but the former England captain continues to earn from endorsements and advertising, as well as performing charity and fundraising work.

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