September 7, 2013

#SelenaGomez Shows #Sexy Cleavage Without Bra In New Robe Pic (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to upload a photo in a very low-cut dress relaxes with a glass of wine in Paris.
Look out, Justin Bieber! Just when we thought Selena couldn’t get any hotter, she posted a revealing new pic of herself looking super sexy in Paris. It’s safe to say she took the city by storm!

Selena Gomez has been busy with her “Stars Dance” tour, but she still made time to relax with a glass of wine and capture her love for Paris, France. The “Come and Get It” singer posted a series of Instagram pictures of herself in enjoying her time in the city of lights.

Selena performed at Le Zenith in Paris on Sept. 5. After singing an amazing set, she Instagramed black and white photos of herself smiling and looking sexy with screaming fans behind her. We love that she took the time to get pictures with her adoring fans!

On Sept. 6, Selena posted an even hotter picture of herself in a loose, low-cut robe, glass of wine in hand, with the light shining down on her flawless complexion and Paris looming the background. Selena’s hair flowed around her shoulders and she looked truly stunning as she unwound before bed! The caption for the photo read: ”Night Paris x.”

We wonder if Selena’s ex Justin Bieber saw how beautiful she looked in this picture. Who knows, maybe she meant it especially for him!

Selena sure loves Paris! In her newest music video, “Slow Down,” she is shown wandering the cobblestone streets of Paris, riding in the back of a limousine, and dancing the night away in a neon nightclub.

“I just want to party all night in the neon lights ’til you can’t let me go,” Selena sings.

It looks like Selena’s dream came true! She not only got to visit her favorite city, but she also gave her French fans the show of a lifetime. Good for her!

What do YOU think cb2u fans? Do you wish YOU could party in Paris with Selena?

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