September 28, 2013

Miss #Teen USA Jared Abrahams 'targeted by computer hacker who wanted to extort nude photos of her'

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf appears on NBC News "Today"

A 19-year-old man has appeared in court charged with hacking into the computers of Miss Teen USA and other women to extort nude photos and videos from them.

Jared Abrahams is said to have taken control of up to 150 “slave” machines from his home in California leering at girls through their webcams.

He would then take naked pictures of his victims as they got undressed and later use them to blackmail them.

According to court papers when the computer geek admitted what he’d done in June, he said he had 30 to 40 “slave computers” - or other people’s electronic devices he controlled - and had had as many as 150 in total.

One of the computers he hacked into was that of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf.

She received an anonymous email in which the sender claimed to have stolen images from the camera of her home computer.

The FBI said Abrahams knew Wolf, a 19-year-old student of Great Oak High School in Temecula, who won the Miss Teen USA crown last month.

She got a Facebook message saying that someone had tried to change her password to the social networking site.

The beauty queen then noticed other logons had been changed and her Twitter picture was now a half-nude picture of herself.

A short time later, she received the first of many messages, including pictures of her at two different homes where she had lived.

The message explained “what’s going to happen” if Wolf didn’t send pictures or videos or “do what I tell you to do” in a five-minute Skype conversation he had, according to the criminal complaint.

“Either you do one of the things listed below or I upload these pics and a lot more (I have a LOT more and those are better quality) on all your accounts for everybody to see and your dream of being a model will be transformed into a pornstar (sic),” he wrote.

He is accused of using the pictures he obtained through the slave computers to then blackmail his victims in to giving him more.

Abrahams appeared in court on Thursday and was released on an electronic tag after his parents signed a $50,000 (£31,000) bond.

U.S. District Judge Jean Rosenbluth ruled that he could use a single desktop computer at his parents’ home for school only, albeit only after monitoring software is applied.

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