September 11, 2013

#Gwyneth Paltrow near miss on a #scooter with school bus (VIDEO)

Gwyneth Paltrow pulled out in front of a school bus while driving a scooter in LA with daughter Apple on the back on Wednesday
She made headlines for the wrong reasons when the actress and her young daughter were filmed narrowly avoiding a collision with a bus as they rode on a scooter through the streets of Los Angeles last week.

But it seems Gwyneth Paltrow is not hanging up her helmet just yet - hitting the road on Tuesday but this time with security in tow.

And her Coldplay husband Chris Martin was out again too, this time riding solo.

Gwyneth, who recently turned forty, was back in the saddle with her daughter riding pillion despite her terrifying near miss.

This time she had added cameras to the front and rear of her white Vespa for some reason.
Dressed in khaki three quarter length trousers and a black leather jacket, she had not lost her confidence on the road.

The actress appeared unaware of the near miss
Nine year-old Apple sensibly held on tightly, wrapping her arms around her famous mother's waist.

Meanwhile dad Chris, 36, rode solo with no sign of seven year-old son Moses on the family trip out.
He and his wife are often spotted scooting around town on the classic Italian scooters.

Apple hangs on tight to mother Gwyneth Paltrow as they head out on the Vespa once more
But this week a video emerged of Oscar winner Gwyneth pulling out in front of a school bus in busy traffic last Wednesday with Apple seated behind.

The driver of the heavy vehicle appeared to brake after spotting the pair, avoiding a collision by mere seconds. 
Her husband and Moses were trailing behind on another Vespa.

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