August 16, 2013

#JustinBieber cracks a rare smile as he prepares to take a spin in luxury #sports car

Justin Bieber treated photographers to an increasingly rare smile earlier this week, and little wonder – he was about to take his gleaming baby blue Ferarri for a spin around Los Angeles. 

Dressed in a baggy white vest that showed off his growing collection of tattoos, the 19-year-old singer appeared to be in high-spirits as he sauntered towards the eye-catching sports car with his close pal, rapper Lil Za. 

Indeed, Justin sported a wide grin as he opened the driver’s door and slid inside for another day of showboating around Southern California.

The young star was previously spotted taking the $400,000 sports car out for a drive on Monday – when he picked up young model Ashley Moore for a lunch-date at swish Beverly Hills restaurant Bouchon. 

‘All eyes were on Bieber and his girl – the two caused quite a stir when they walked into the restaurant,’ a photographer later told X17. 

Justin was also seen handing cash to a homeless woman while idling at traffic lights – a stark contrast to recent images in which he appears to be spitting on his own fans from a Toronto balcony. 

Justin Bieber and pal Lil Za are in high spirits as they step out for a day in Los Angeles this week
The Ferrari is just the latest in a string of luxury vehicles Justin has either purchased or been treated to since finding fame in 2008 – the first of which being the brand new Range Rover his friend and mentor Usher bought him for his 16th birthday. 

Bieber was spotted giving a homeless woman some money during his lunch-date with young model Ashley Moore in Beverly Hills
Since then the menagerie of cars has expanded at a rapid pace, with choice vehicles including a Cadillac CTS-V – dubbed the ‘Batmobile’ – a white Ferrari 458 Italia and an Audi R8 with distinctive leopard-print bodywork.

Justin Bieber's Audi R8 with leopard-print bodywork
The singer’s ability to afford such luxuries isn’t in doubt – two-years ago he was named at number two in Forbes Best Paid Celebs Under 30 list. 

The Baby singer's distinctive Cadillac CTS-V
Record sales, merchandising and tours have also bolstered his earnings, with his current Believe world tour his biggest and most ambitious to date with 154 scheduled shows across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. 

Justin takes his stunning Ferrari 458 Italia for a drive a round Los Angeles
Having already worked his way through three-quarters of those, the singer is currently resting up before hitting the road again in September. 

His final show will take place in Perth on December 8.

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