July 8, 2013

Survey Suggests 'SimCity' May Add an Offline Mode

A survey sent to some SimCity players hints the game could be getting the much-requested offline mode in a patch. This counters EA's assertion the game was designed to be played only online by connecting to its servers.
The survey, which popped up on Reddit on Thursday, asks players for their opinions on several patch or expansion ideas. Reddit user bigbrwnbear wrote that he received the survey in the mail, and it started with, "Our records indicate you have played SimCity in the past, and we're interested in learning more about your gaming experience."

The extensive survey, which can be seen in full here on Imgur, asks users to rank potential changes to SimCity's gameplay from "not at all interested" to "very interested." Some parts of the survey appears be in direct response to user complaints (Mashable italicized important sections below):

Classic Mode: In Offline or Online mode, play a single fully function city using cheats and unlocks to allow you to create your perfect city.

Cities Without Boundaries: The landscape is wide open. Push your cities for miles and miles. Set your own city borders and connect your cities however you like.

Build Together: Build cities together with friends at the same time. Create faster, compete and experience SimCity like never before.

These ideas of bigger city spaces and shared gameplay are features that users have requested since the game launched in March.

Maxis General Manager Lucy Bradshaw said the addition of an offline mode couldn't be done because the game was meant to be played online. This was after a gamer hacked SimCity, proving the game could be played without connecting to EA's servers.

We have reached out to the game's publisher EA for comment on the survey.

What do you think of these proposed changes to SimCity? Would they address criticisms of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Maxis/EA

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