July 14, 2013

Cody Simpson Stressing Out Over Surfers Paradise Release

Since hitting the world music scene a couple years ago, it's been pretty obvious that Cody Simpson is being groomed as Atlantic Records' (or Australia's) answer to teen superstar Justin Bieber.
As we inch closer and closer to Cody Simpson’s Surfers Paradise release, the more stressed out he appears. A good example would be his recent tweets reminding fans to spread the word about it and to promote buying all the copies in stores.

It is unclear on why this is so important to him, but each day he seems to become more and more stressed out over the pending release. Here is a few examples of his comments on Twitter as of late.
Angels! I need you all to change your twitter pics to the #SurfersParadise artwork. we need everyone to know about this album! please email this address if you’re planning a buyout and I will do my best to tell everyone spbuyouts@gmail.com #5DaysUntilSurfersParadise

Poor guy, he sounds like he is freaking out over it. I am sure the fans will buy it up and share their excitement for the big album. Hopefully once it comes out and he sees how well it does, then he can relax more about it. I would think that his fans would show him that he has nothing to worry about, but I suppose his nerves could drown out that support.

Are you planning to buy Cody Simpson’s Surfers Paradise?

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