July 11, 2013

Catherine Zeta Jones is the perfect poster girl for her new film RED 2 wearing a sexy scarlet shirt (VIDEO)

The bright red shirt highlighted Catherine's golden California tan
She is starring in the sequel to the film RED so it’s no surprise that Catherine Zeta Jones has chosen to wear the colour herself.

On Wednesday she looked stunning on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills wearing a bright red shirt matched with white wide-legged trousers. 

The vibrant wrap-around shirt featured a frilled hem and billowing sleeves.

Catherine, 43, matched the shirt with black accessories for a striking look, wearing dark over-sized sunglasses and a classic Chanel tote bag. 

The Welsh mother-of-two also wore some beige heels with white toe-caps to complete the look. 

She is starring in the follow-up to the 2010 action-comedy film RED, which based on the DC graphic novel of the same name.

Catherine paired the shirt with a pair of flattering white trousers
Standing for Retired and Extremely Dangerous, RED 2 follows a group of aging CIA agents who come out of retirement after an assassination attempt is made on one of their officers. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a secret agent in Red 2
Catherine makes her debut as a Russian secret agent Miranda Wood who tries to infiltrate Frank Moses ( Bruce Willis) and his team of retired CIA agents as they go on a mission to stop a nuclear warhead getting into the wrong hands. 

The star was required to learn some Russian for the role and said this was quite a challenge.

Catherine plays the love interest of Bruce Willis' character Frank
She told Film Journal International: ‘The hardest thing for me in the whole movie was when I had to speak Russian. 

‘I learn it, then I go to sleep, and when I wake up the next morning it is like my brain has gone blank. So there are lots of outtakes of me swearing.’

Catherine Zeta-Jones shares a moment with Bruce Willis in RED 2
She also described her character, who is an old flame of Bruce Willis’ character Frank, as a bit of a loose cannon.

She said: ‘They call her Frank’s kryptonite. I think that kind of sums it up, really. When she arrives, you know there’s going to be trouble.’

The film sees the return of Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren, while Anthony Hopkins is also set to join the sequel.

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