June 28, 2013

The girl from Chile who cries tears of BLOOD (VIDEO)

Yaritza Oliva recently started crying blood and has doctors baffled
DOCTORS in Chile are baffled by a woman who has started crying tears of BLOOD.

Yaritza Oliva was terrified when the strange condition appeared earlier this month.

Ever since, with no warning, the 20-year-old bleeds from her eyes several times a day.

Yaritza visited her doctor but when no evidence of an infection could be found she was sent home with eye drops to help her cope with the pain, which she says is "indescribable".

Her parents are now asking friends and neighbours in Purranque, Chile, to help them raise the money to send their daughter to an eye expert.

Her carpenter dad Jose appealed on a local news show: "Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter."

Doctors believe it may be a case of haemolacria, a condition that has only been diagnosed three times before
It's possible Yaritza has a very rare condition called haemolacria, which causes sufferers to produce tears containing blood.

The 20-year-old girl now cries tears of blood several times every day and is in an extreme amount of pain
There are only THREE documented cases of the condition, which can be symptomatic of a more serious illness or a tumour - or caused by a high level of hormones in fertile women.

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