June 28, 2013

Paris Jackson 'Destroyed' By Facebook; She Was Victim Of Cyberbullying (Report)

Paris Jackson has suffered so many vile taunts on-line that she was eventually pushed to breaking point
Paris Jackson's recent suidice attempt may have been a result of cyberbullying. Jackson attempted to commit suicide on June 5. And while she reportedly had suicidal tendencies before such as acts of “cutting,” it’s now believed that vicious comments left on her Facebook page “destroyed” the daughter of Michael Jackson and helped contribute to her suicide attempt.
TMZ claims that the cyberbullying on Jackson’s Facebook page included comments about the accusations of child molestation against her father and the bizarre life she led while he was alive, which included having her face covered with a blanket while out in public. Paris reportedly took the comments to heart, leading to a deep depression and fueling her cutting tendencies. “They destroyed her. There’s a nexus between the bullying and her penchant for cutting,” said a source.

Paris Jackson posts a Facebook status, May 2013
Paris has been in in the psychiatric ward of UCLA since her suicide attempt and is reportedly “doing better” since she does not have access to social media or her cell phone there. However, she will remain in the ward until further notice and seek long-term treatment when she is released. Her family has attempted to delete her Facebook page out of fear that her depression will resurface if she uses social media again, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Facebook’s company policy says that only the user can delete their account if they are over the age of 13.

Paris Jackson at a public appearance, January 2013
The teenage Jackson’s Tumblr account also contained graphic images of death, cutting and suicide. One post included a photo of a girl cutting into her arm with scissors and the caption, “I f*cking hate myself,” while another photo featured a disturbing image with the caption, “I can’t feel anything about sadness."

She also used a Twitter account that contained depressing lyrics to songs by artists including The Beatles and Nirvana. Tweeting on the day of her suicide attempt, she quoted lines from The Beatles song “Yesterday” and wrote “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

Paris Jackson was a cheerleader for Sherman Oaks Buckley School's boys basketball team before attempting suicide.
Despite the suicide attempt, Jackson’s co-guardians, Katherine and T.J. Jackson, will continue that role after a probate court investigator determined they were doing a sufficient job. However, her biological mother Debbie Rowe is reportedly keeping an eye on the situation and reserving the right to file for guardianship if necessary.

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