May 31, 2013

Nick Grimshaw Doesn't Reckon There's Any Place For One Direction At Glastonbury

In what could be the most controversial statement of all time (read: really not controversial at all) Nick Grimshaw's revealed that he doesn't think there's any room for the One Direction lads to play a festival like Glastonbury. Yep - fresh from his recent boy banter with Robbie Williams, The Quiffed One's admitted he just doesn't think 1D would work in that kinda environment.

Grimmy's covering the festival for the BBC this year, and he's been chatting about who should and shouldn't play the gig. GAH - cover your pretty little ears, Harry Styles.

In what's most likely a case of quotes being plonked together in a bid to create some kind of 'NICK GRIMSHAW SLAMS BEST FRIEND HARRY STYLES' (ahem) scandal, Grimmy apparently reckons only "incredible artists" should be on the line-up.

"I don't think Take That should do it." Nick said. "I think Gary Barlow is really great at writing songs. I think he's good, I don't think I really want to see Howard Donald on the Pyramid Stage" That aren't 1D, Grimmy. What about them, eh?

“One Direction just isn’t the sort of music that works at Glastonbury," Quiffy McQuifferson continued telling the Daily Star. "I don’t think they’ll ever play there. Although I’d love it if they turned into Robbie Williams, when he went mad and hung out with Oasis at the festival when he was still in Take That.”

Well wouldn't that be delightful?

We've gotta admit, we kinda agree with Nicholas - what with pop peeps not really going down amazingly at such 'indie' events. We all remember what happened with Cher Lloyd Wee Gate at last year's V Festival, don't we? *sadface*. What do YOU think? Comments please.

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