April 2, 2013

Surprise! Natalie Morales Fooled by Chair Prank (VIDEO)

After demonstrating how he set up a prank to scare Natalie Morales this morning, magician Rich Ferguson explains what makes a good April Fools’ joke fun for everyone 
Natalie Morales was fooled by a good chair prank today. Magician Rich Ferguson was able to set her up on the "Today" show and it was hilarious! Did you see it? On April 1, Yahoo posted a clip of it for fans to see.

It started out with Matt Lauer talking about jokes that you can play. Rich Ferguson disguised himself as a chair in the green room. People would sit on him and then he would scare them when they realized it was not just a chair they were on.

They talked about how a prank can be good or bad and they are best when people want to do it to someone else. Natalie even teased that she almost punched him when she fell for it and now she does want to see it being done again.

In the clip, it doesn't look like she almost punched him but Natalie Morales was scared and jumped up out of the chair! Did you do any good April Fool's jokes today?

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