April 26, 2013

Prince Harry 'punched' by 11-year-old (VIDEO)

Prince Harry gets in the ring with 11 year old Shabaz during his visit to Russell Youth Club, Nottingham
Prince Harry has opened the new headquarters of a brain injury charity supported by his mother, during his first official visit to Nottingham.

He was greeted by hundreds of schoolchildren as he opened the head office of Headway where Diana, Princess of Wales, served as royal patron.

The charity provides support to brain injury survivors through a network of groups across the UK.

The prince also visited a youth group and boxing club in the city.

Before he left the prince was persuaded to step into the ring with some of the students of KK Boxing
The chairman of Headway, Andrew Green, said: "Princess Diana's support of the charity greatly enhanced its profile and made more people aware not only of brain injury and its effects, but also of the help that was available."

Prince Harry has been sparring with an 11-year-old boxer at a youth club in Nottingham during his first official visit to the city.

Prince Harry at KK Boxing, which is run by reformed gang member Marcellus Baz
He entered the boxing ring, at Russell Youth Club in St Anns, with Shabaz Baz and was surprised how hard the youngster's punches were.

Shabaz didn't hold back, prompting Harry to say: 'Remind me never to get in the ring with you again'
The prince also tried being a DJ at Confetti Institute, which provides training in the creative industry.

He grinned nervously as he scratched along to a rap about himself, before earning a big cheer from the watching crowd of students and lecturers who began chanting "Harry! Harry!".

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