April 4, 2013

Beckhams’ pants led to a growth in which area?

SIZE does matter to some men – and experts say pictures such as this, of David Beckham, ramp up pressure on blokes to bulk up their lunchbox.

So much so, that hundreds of British fellas every year are having surgery to give them an extra inch or two downstairs.

Dr Roberto Viel claims to perform at least five ops a week at his Harley Street clinic.

He says: “For millennia, having a bigger penis has been a status symbol. It’s only very recently that men have been able to do something about that. If there’s a solution, why not use it?”

And it’s little wonder when we’re surrounded by images of men such as Goldenballs in his bulging boxers.
Experts say sexy adverts like this are putting men under pressure to measure up in the downstairs department.

But Dr Viel says men can do something about boosting their size.

He remained tight-lipped about his clients but admitted he’s had everyone from builders and plumbers to City execs and politicians in for surgery.

Here he reveals why the demand for these procedures is on the rise.

“MY clients tend to be in their 30s or 40s — although we’ve had men close to 20 and some men in their 70s decide to have the penoplasty operation.

They come from all walks of life — labourers, office workers, politicians, you name it.

For most, it’s not a functional problem. They simply feel self-conscious in the gym changing room or when wearing swimming trunks.

They want the £4,000 lengthening operation to make them feel more confident, although those opting for the £3,850 girth enlargement can expect benefits for a partner, which can obviously enhance their whole relationship as well as their sex life.

I’d say around 80 per cent of my patients want to increase girth and length at the same time, costing £6,000. Penoplasty can increase flaccid length by one to one and a quarter inches and the circumference by about the same.

Now, I know some men — and women — will be amused at what they perceive as self-indulgence.

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