March 12, 2013

Pine marten invades football pitch and bites player (VIDEO)

A Swiss football match was thrown into chaos when the pitch was invaded by a small feisty mustelid who ran onto the field and bit one of the players.

A Swiss League match between FC Thun and Zurich was disrupted after a pine marten escaped onto the pitch on Sunday and evaded capture for over five minutes.

The marten, which is similar to a weasel, appeared at one point to have be caught Zurich defender Loris Benito.

But Benito was bitten for his troubles and it managed to escape again.

Martens are known for their sharp teeth which are usually used to eat birds, berries and the occasional garden hose.

So it was up to Zurich goalkeeper Davide Da Costa, armed with his gloves, to pick up the marten.

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