March 28, 2013

Nurse's finds gruesome body part in Kentucky Fried Chicken

Cheryl found this 'thing' in her KFC meal
FAST food chain apologise after human error lapse means 'unsightly' kidney is served as part of variety meal.

A SICKENED student nurse has told pals how she found a revolting body part in her Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Cheryl Jaconelli, 23 said it looked like a brain and “gave her the boak”.

She posted a photo of the body part on her Facebook page and the picture has been shared more than 5000 times.

Cheryl, 23, of Greenfield, Glasgow, said: “I was biting into the last piece of my variety meal when I saw what I can only describe as a ‘thing’.

Cheryl found body part in KFC meal
“I thought it looked like a piece of brain. I actually managed a wee scream.

“It gave me the boak. There were stringy bits hanging off it. There is no way I will eat KFC again.”

Cheryl bought the £13.99 variety meal at the KFC at the Glasgow’s Forge Retail Park on Tuesday evening, planning to share it with boyfriend Christopher Neilly, 22.

She said she contacted KFC, who asked her to send the piece to them, but was keeping it in her freezer and may send it to the environmental health department.

She said: “I called KFC first thing next morning and they were very apologetic, but I will be contacting environmental health. People need to know what they’re eating.”

A spokeswoman for KFC said yesterday: “We’re really sorry for Miss Jaconelli’s experience.

“We sell 200 million pieces of chicken every year and always try to ensure the highest standards.

“However, because all our chicken on the bone is freshly prepared by hand, unfortunately, on extremely rare occasions, human error can mean a kidney, not a brain as claimed, is not removed.”

The spokeswoman denied Cheryl had contacted the firm and said there was no health risk from the “unsightly” kidney.

She said staff preparing chicken had been reminded to take extra care.

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