March 7, 2013

Kate Middleton accidentally reveal baby's gender? It's a girl or a boy? (VIDEO)

With the utterance of a single letter, a pregnant Duchess Kate has sent British tabloids and royal watchers into a frenzy of analyzing whether or not she gave away the gender of her baby.
During a visit to Grimsby, England, on Tuesday to support the Prince’s Trust Charity, the duchess was handed a teddy bear by well-wisher Diana Burton, and reportedly replied, “Thank you. I will take that for my d…”

Another woman in the crowd who observed the exchange told London's Telegraph that the duchess quickly broke off the reply without finishing the “d’’ word, starting a wave of speculation that the royal meant to say “daughter.’’

Sandra Cook, who was standing next to Burton, says she pressed Kate on her response, asking, “You were going to say ‘daughter,’ weren’t you?’’

The duchess reportedly replied, “No, we don’t know,” to which Cook said, “Oh, I think you do.’’

Kate, who is due in July, remained mum, responding, “We’re not telling,” which sent royal followers into delirium with the possibility that she could be having a girl.

When reached for comment, a palace spokesperson declined to confirm the rumors, telling, “We aren’t saying anything. Nothing has been announced officially about the sex of the child, so there’s nothing we would comment on, I’m afraid.”

Meanwhile, a conflicting report emerged in the British press, as another bystander claimed Kate referred to her baby as a "he" when asked if it had been kicking.

"I swear she said it was a boy," Katy Forrester told the Grimsby Telegraph, according to ITV News. "I asked her if the baby had been kicking. I swear she replied, 'Yes, he is, very much so' but no one else heard. Either I misunderstood it or Kate is trying to confuse us all."

By precedent, the sex of royal babies is never announced in advance. If the couple does have a girl, a recent decree states that their daughter will be a "princess" and could one day be queen, thanks to a change in the law of succession.

You be the judge: Watch the exchange and tell us, do you think Kate spilled the beans?

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