February 14, 2013

Taylor Swift's ex Conor Kennedy arrested at the White House

Conor got handcuffed as he protested about climate change with his dad outside the White House. The moment Taylor saw a bull approaching (Inset).
We're used to seeing celebs gets arrested for driving under the influence (hello Lindsay Lohan - how are you doing?), failing drug tests while on probation (hey Lindsay, hi again) or attempting to shoplift (oh look, you again Lindsay), but Taylor Swift's ex Conor Kennedy was handcuffed for something much more noble - protesting about climate change.

The high school student and Kennedy heir, who dated the country singing megastar last summer, was arrested along with his father, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, actress Daryl Hannah and 45 others after chaining themselves to gates near the White House to draw attention to a controversial planned new oil pipeline.

Taylor and Conor, 18, began dating early last summer, and the cute couple was pictured nuzzling heads like ponies during a Kennedy family getaway in Hyannis Port. Taylor, 23, apparently went down a storm with Conor's grandmother Ethel and the rest of the famous dynasty, too.

Cuff him boys! (We've always wanted to say that)
However the pair went their separate ways in October, with friends blaming the split on long distance as Taylor jetted off to Europe to promote her album Red.

Yeah, it was probably the long distance. Or the fact that she'd met floppy haired wonder Harry Styles. And we all know how that ended. Click here for the latest.

The moment Taylor saw a bull approaching
Taylor recently admitted: "I don't know how to have a normal relationship because I try to act normal and live a normal life, but there is sort of an abnormal magnifying glass, like telescope lens, on everything that happens between me and anybody else. I don't really know that much about love, it turns out."

Taylor and Harry: Fit and they know it
We must admit the whole 'fighting for a cause' and getting cuffed thing does make Conor look a bit sexier, even if he does still have homework to do.

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