February 28, 2013

Paris Jackson Reveals Surprising New Look

Paris Jackson shows off her rock 'n' roll look. (Twitter)
This time last year, Paris Jackson looked like a sweet little girl with long, straight brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

Flash forward to Wednesday, and the late Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter still has the same pretty peepers, but that's about all that's stayed the same!

The aspiring actress posted pics on Twitter of her new look, which featured an edgy cropped cut dyed black, a chopped up Pink Floyd T-shirt, and body art on her back. Perhaps she finally got that tattoo commemorating her dad’s birthday that she mentioned on Twitter back in August? In another shot, she offered a close-up view of a thick earring that makes us cringe to think about how it felt when it was pierced. This was not one of those free piercings at the mall!

One Twitter photo included a closeup of her new dagger-style earring with the caption, “finally!!”

The transformation into this more rock 'n' roll version of Paris began last October when she posted photos of a shorter, darker 'do not quite as textured as the latest.

Think she's taking her cues from Miley Cyrus?

If that's true, let's hope Paris stays away from Annie Leibovitz photo shoots for a few more years!

Paris: the way she was.
The below pic, posted on Valentine’s Day, shows the high school student with two of her friends at what looked like a Japanese restaurant.
Another photo, from one week prior on Friday, Feb. 8, shows off Jackson as she gazes straight at the camera around a large red mug.

Before this Paris Jackson Dyes her Hair Jet Black

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