February 14, 2013

Family wins $63M lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) -- A Massachusetts family wins a $63million lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson.

A jury at Plymouth superior court awarded the total to Samantha Reckis and her family yesterday.

Reckis nearly died and was left legally blind at the age of seven after taking children's Motrin nearly a decade ago.

She was given Motrin after getting a fever in November of 2003.

As she continued to take the medicine, her condition only worsened.

As a result of the Motrin, doctors said Reckis began suffering from Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.

The painful skin disorder is caused by a negative reaction to medications.

Jurors determined that Johnson and Johnson did not properly warn patients about Motrin’s possible side effects.

In total, the award could reach $109 million once the court adds in interest.

According to the Globe, if the decision is upheld, it will likely be the largest amount Johnson and Johnson has ever paid to a single plaintiff.

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