January 6, 2013

Lady Gaga's United States concert headed towards sales disaster

Lady Gaga ticket sales disaster
Lady Gaga constantly tries to make herself the leader of the gay movement and the spokesperson for the underprivileged. It's ironic that her latest venture involves inventing a "therapy" bus for her little monsters; she is the one who will need therapy after finding out the latest news about her ticket sales.

This morning, Ticketmaster has displayed the latest availability chart for Lady Gaga's opening United States show in Tacoma, Washington next week. The news is not good for Lady Gaga, the self-proclaimed Queen of Pop and the bullied. Acres of available seats (see picture or go to link) are shown in just about every section. Even worse is that Ticketmaster-owned secondary site StubHub shows almost 900 tickets left -- several which are being offered at severely discounted rates.
Lady Gaga ticket sales disaster
Radio stations around the area are giving away a lot of tickets and it is believed that there will be some pretty creative ways to fill the unsold seats. This isn't new for Lady Gaga; her disastrous South American tour saw tickets being given away in every way possible way. Final sales figures were put out last week by Billboard and didn't appear so bad. However, the shows which Live Nation reported as sellouts held a far greater capacity than claimed. For instance, Lady Gaga played to a paltry 9,918 fans in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Live Nation reported the show as a sellout, despite the fact that the Centro de Eventos Fiergs can hold more than 30,000 people.

Let's hope Lady Gaga puts on a great show for her fans whether or not tickets are sold out.

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