January 5, 2013

Justin Bieber caught smoking suspicious cigarette

Cause for controversy: Justin Bieber was photographed holding a cigarette during a party in Newport Beach, California on January 2
Caught in the act? Justin, 18, was pictured on Jan. 2, smoking a suspicious cigarette one day after a paparazzo, who died in a car crash, claimed the pop star was smoking marijuana while driving.

Justin Bieber, 18, was photographed holding what TMZ is calling a “roll-up” as he parties with a few friends in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California on Jan. 2. The release of the photos comes three days after a paparazzo, who made a call to his freelancing photo agency and claimed the Biebs was smoking pot while driving, was killed while trying to photograph Justin.
The photos were allegedly taken on Jan. 2, one day after 29-year-old Chris Guerra was hit by an oncoming vehicle after taking pictures of Justin’s white Ferrari, according to TMZ. However, Justin was not behind the wheel of the Ferrari when Chris was killed. Justin’s friend Lil’ Twist was allegedly behind the wheel and was stopped by police.

A fit of the giggles: Justin seemed to find something extremely funny as he laughed with friends
Sources as the Newport Beach party told TMZ that Lil’ Twist was at the party, where Justin is seen smoking a suspicious cigarette. In the photos, Justin does not appear to still be upset by the death of Chris Guerra, as he is seen laughing as his friends drink beer.

Lil’ Twist and his brother were allegedly rolling all the strange cigarettes and passing them around, resulting in “a lot of smoke,” claims TMZ in their story.

Justin’s reps from CAA responded to oceanUP and said,  ”These images were altered and my client, Justin Bieber, was not involved with them at all.”

Mystery friend: Justin was snapped sitting next to a woman and later a girl is said to have slept in his room
Justin also tweeted in response, “I see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u. like i said…2013…new challenges. new doubters…Im ready. We are ready. see u all tomorrow and everyday after that. goodnight ladies.”

This isn’t the only controversy that currently surrounds Justin. He and Selena Gomez have allegedly broken up — again. TMZ’s report suggests that a mystery girl crashed in Justin’s hotel room the night of the party, but they don’t know if anything more than sleeping went on.

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