January 22, 2013

Harry Styles Gets Spellbound By Emma Watson!

Sounds like Harry Styles might just be going after the actresses now!

After all, at least he knows they most likely wouldn’t write a song about him, LOLz!

It seems the One Direction crooner has his heart set on Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, and took to Twitter to put his flirting on display!

Reportedly, back in September, Styles told Emma that he was only able to watch half of her flick, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and had been meaning to catch up!

Now it sounds like Harry finally got the chance, because the two had a convo on Twitter yesterday, which read:

  1. @EmWatson I finally saw the second half! That film gets dark, but I liked it a lot.

@Harry_Styles yay!! So happy

Ooh la la! How cute of a couple would they make?!

We are already getting used to the idea of Hemma… though, there’s one small problem — gurl is already loved up with Will Adamowicz!

Sigh. Perhaps their paths will cross at some point in the future! That is… unless Harry reunites with Taylor Swift!

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