January 10, 2013

Amy Winehouse Spent Her Last Night Watching Videos Of Herself

The tragic tale of Amy Winehouse has not been laid to rest, as new details of her death scene were revealed this week. A London coroner’s court was told on Tuesday that the 27-year-old Grammy winner spent her last night drinking alone and watching videos of herself on YouTube.

According to the Daily Mail, Winehouse’s live-in security guard testified that the singer was in a good mood—"her usual bubbly self"—on the night preceding her death. He noted that she spent the evening watching TV and listening to music, and later "stayed up in her room watching YouTube clips [of herself].”

The guard noted that Winehouse had been drinking, but that he didn’t think she was "completely drunk.” He related that he hadn’t seen her watch videos of herself in a quite a while, and that she also shared some YouTube videos of a man she’d been dating with him.

He left her alone at 2:30 a.m., returning to check on her at 10 a.m. Finding her face-down on the bed, he assumed she was sleeping, but then became alarmed when she had not moved by 3 p.m. and called for help. Winehouse was pronounced dead on July 23, 2011 shortly after paramedics arrived at her house.

The information came about as part of a second inquest into the circumstances surrounding her demise. The first inquest took place in 2011, but was annulled when the coroner in charge was found to be improperly qualified.

Regardless, both investigations yielded the same verdict: Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning, with no suspicious circumstances attached. The latest report noted that Winehouse’s blood alcohol level was five times the legal driving limit, well enough to be fatal.

Winehouse’s family did not attend the latest hearing. Her father, Mitch, expressed anger that the inquest had been improperly executed the first time, and said he would not put his family through the ordeal of hearing the evidence again.

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