December 5, 2012

McFly want to continue writing for One Direction (VIDEO)

McFly have revealed that they hope to continue writing songs for One Direction.

The band penned 'I Would' for the boyband's latest album Take Me Home, and have confessed that they're usually picky about who they give songs to.

"It's quite a selective process, writing for other bands," Tom Fletcher told the Daily Star. "I don't want to write a song for just anyone.

"I only do it for people I really like because that's when you do your best work, so I hope the relationship we have with One Direction can continue."

Fletcher added that he doesn't feel embarrassed writing for a boyband because he enjoys pop music.

"I love great pop music," he said. "When 'What Makes You Beautiful' came out it was like a breath of fresh air. 

"It's perfect pop and you don't think about anything else. The new Taylor Swift single is the same."

McFly's latest retrospective collection Memory Lane is out now.

Watch the music video for McFly's most recent single 'Love Is Easy' below:

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