December 2, 2012

Kate Middleton’s bangs in top demand

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a new ‘do, and naturally, the look is sweeping the world. Salons in New York City are overwhelmed with clients calling for appointments to get the new “Kate Middleton bangs,” reports Daily Mail on Friday, Nov. 30. The Kate cut is in, and patrons are arriving with pictures of her fresh and breezy fringe in hand.

The breezy part may present a problem, to Kate Middleton herself. The Duchess does a lot of public appearances, outside in the wind. She has found herself spending more time pushing her new fringe into line.

No matter. The long bangs look adorable, and New York women can’t wait to have their own. Mordechai Alvow, the owner of Yarok Hair, does cuts for Ivanka Trump and a client list of other rich and famous New Yorkers. He has been busy from the first Tuesday pictures of Duchess Catherine with her new look, making other women resemble her as much as possible. “There has absolutely been a surge in demand for long bangs,” he said.

“Designers have been showing a lot of retro Seventies looks and they are a great match.” That must be how he happened to be ready to produce the new look on a moment’s notice. It isn’t so much new as super-trendy.

This is a haircut, the stylists say, which can work on any face shape. “Kate's bangs are angled towards the end of the eyebrows framing her face beautifully which is a more Seventies look,” Alvow goes on. Kate Middleton continues to impress.

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