December 12, 2012

Harry Styles Takes Taylor Swift Home To Cheshire (VIDEO)


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift might not have acknowledged their relationship in public, but since they were spotted holding hands last week, they've been fairly inseparable.
But whatever those adult sleepovers are all about, the One Direction singer certainly seems so thankful for that lift he hitched back to the UK in Swifty's private jet that he's apparently even taken her home to Cheshire to meet his family this week.

Back up north, the pair were spotted enjoying a night out together in a pub in Derbyshire, not too far from where Hazza grew up in Cheshire.

Several pics of Harry and Taylor posing with fans appeared online and apparently the two washbag fans were spotted enjoying a drink with some friends and family.

Although there don't seem to be any pics of the pair together, if you look very closely in the mirror, you might spot a certain blazer wearing popstar's reflection..

With a list of exes longer than Santa's Christmas list, the long haired lothario clearly had to pull out all the stops to impress Taylor. So where did Harry decide was perfect for the next stop off on their romantic night out?

Only down the Tesco's carpark in Holmes Chapel.

We'd imagine he gave her a quick demo of how good he is at doing wheelies and then gave her a backie home on his push bike.

That wasn't meant to be a euphemism.

Well isn't that just the dream? We have to say that's the first time this week we haven't felt well jeal of Swifty - it is -4 degrees outside after all.

But what do you think? Is it worth freezing a finger or two for a ride on the two-wheeled lurvemobile?

Comments please..

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