November 17, 2012

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes To Spend Christmas Together?

Actress reportedly worried about her ex

The first Christmas after a break up can be tough - so Katie Holmes is believed to be asking her ex Tom Cruise if he'd like to spend the festive season together.

An insider told Grazia that whilst Katie is moving on with her life, she's concerned that Tom is not getting over the marriage quite as quickly.

"Katie is finally settled and happy in her new life and is a lot more confident about speaking to and seeing Tom. Katie knows that Suri would love to spend Christmas with her Daddy and vice versa. She misses Tom and seems concerned about how fragile he appears."

The source added "Tom misses Suri and Katie like crazy, so he jumped at the offer [to spend Christmas with them]. He would do anything to get them back."

December is a time for love and forgiveness - perhaps a reunion will be on the cards. Still, Christmas presents could be tricky. It's hard enough to buy for an award winning actor millionaire - what do you do if he's also your ex?

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