November 22, 2012

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber after string of dates

WHEN you’ve been caught out with a Victoria’s Secret model it takes more than your last Rolo and half-dead flowers from Texaco to win over your missus.

So JUSTIN BIEBER has put in a Herculean effort with SELENA GOMEZ and managed to get her to forgive him.

The pair have been on a string of dates over the past few weeks to get back on track and after a lot of grovelling from Bieber he’s been let off the hook.

Justin and Selena split earlier this month after he invited underwear model BARBARA PALVIN to his dressing room at the New York Victoria’s Secret show where he performed.

A source said: “After a lot of begging Justin’s eventually been forgiven and has had to admit he’s messed up.

“It’s early days but she’s taken him back and told him to clean up his act.”

Justin will want to keep Selena away from the TV on December 4 though.

That’s when the Victoria’s Secret show is being broadcast.

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