November 10, 2012

Rihanna meets disaster in "Diamonds" video

Singer gets serious in new clip

Any real fan of Rihanna's knows of her affinity for the puff-puff-pass, but in case you needed a reminder, the video for her dramatic new single "Diamonds" opens with the singer licking, rolling, lighting and smoking a blunt possibly full of, well, the jewels themselves.

But for a drug that's supposed to make you feel serene, it all goes downhill from there.

In the Anthony Mandler-directed clip, a somber Rihanna struggles to find peace in much of anything as she literally loses grip on the tattooed arm of a man that may or may not be Chris Brown (just sayin'), runs scared and barefoot down a dark road, and sits in the center of a room that's been destroyed in what we can only assume was a war between lovers.

We learn different later.

Outside, the world is in ruins as a post-apocalyptic battle between the people and the police reaches a head. Spliced between images of burning roses and galloping horses, Rihanna watches on as her beloved emerges from the wreckage, on fire.

She finds solace eventually, but it's alone.

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