November 23, 2012

Jackie Chan to release his last action movie Chinese Zodiac 12

After eight years in the making, Hong Kong film veteran, Jackie Chan finally released his new action movie, CZ12 (also known as Chinese Zodiac 12) and it will be shown across Asia on December 20.

Directed, produced and written by Jackie, he had reportedly spent an approximate US$50 million (S$61.1 million) to shoot the entire film. This also marks his 100th action movie in his acting career for over 40 years.

At an auction event recently, the 58-year-old had announced that CZ12 would be his "final major action movie".

"I am not young anymore. Using different technologies, there are so many effects that we can achieve in a film today. I don't feel the need to do all the stunts by myself now," Jackie stressed.

Despite retiring as an action star, Jackie said that he would still "consider taking up roles for a good story, with the aid of special visual effects".

Jackie will be travelling across Asia to promote his upcoming blockbuster and will be in town on December 18.


Anonymous said...

Great Jackie, this is a treat on Bruces woyld be birthday

Anonymous said...

unforgetable actor