November 12, 2012

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung Talks About First Acting Gig

Girls' Generation member Sooyoung talked about what it feels like to finish her first drama.

On Thursday, Sooyoung posted on the Girls' Generation official Facebook page, "Sooyoung is busy spending everyday preparing for the Japanese album. You can definitely expect great things! From the album to the tour next year, I'm excited already."

About tvN's "The 3rd Hospital" which also came to an end that day, she said, "Since the first day I got the script last year even to the last day of shooting, I was happy to be Eui Jin. What did you all think? I don't have any regrets if you were able to cry and laugh with Eui Jin every day."

She continued, "I was worried and excited about how you would see it but in the end, the result doesn't really matter. I just miss everyone that went through the drama with me. It's important to focus on your role and give it your all but I almost regret not taking the time to really bond with people and try to memorize all the important times I got to spend with them. For the next project, I hope I can be more easy-going and not so uptight. Thank you to all who watched the drama."

She ended with, "Finally, I hope that the drama provided some comfort to the Eui Jin's or Min Jun's around the country that is fighting today, hoping for a tomorrow. I will always be praying for them. I love you all!"

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