November 19, 2012

15-year-old teen found unharmed in Germany after abduction

Police found Chloe Rodriguez, a 15-year-old girl from France, alive in the trunk of a car in Germany Friday.
The teen turned up in trunk of kidnapper seven days after she was taken.

A 15-year-old girl was found alive, tied up in the trunk of a car, seven days after a stranger kidnapped her from her rural village in southern France.
Chloe Rodriguez disappeared on Nov. 9 as she headed to a friend’s house on her scooter, which was later found six miles away with all of her belongings save her helmet and cell phone.

Police found the teen in Germany on Friday when they pulled over her kidnapper during a routine traffic stop, NBC News reported.

“This man who did her so much harm - there is justice, and justice will be rendered. But I thank him anyway, because he kept her alive,” Rodriguez’s mother, Violette Rodriguez told reporters Friday.

The kidnapper, currently behind bars in Germany, has been identified as a 32-year-old man from France’s Gard region, the same area where Chloe Rodriguez lives.

Rodriguez's mother, Violette Rodriguez closes her eyes during a press conference held after her daughter was found alive.
During the seven-day ordeal, the brave girl memorized little details about her kidnapper, including his car and license plate number, reported.

But she never disobeyed him, fearing that he would kill her if she did.
Violette Rodriguez, right, hides her daughter Chloe from sight as they returned home Saturday.
"She told us that she was able to have a dialogue with this man, and that she obeyed all his orders," her father, Jesus Rodriguez, told reporters.

The kidnapper recently served over three years in jail for physically and sexually assaulting six women.

The victims were all abducted as they walked or biked alone in the rustic region.

Rodriguez's disappearance set off a national search.
The man underwent recommended counseling while in prison, his lawyer told But he failed to contact his probation officer after his release.

Chloe Rodriguez was not harmed, however, her parents say she is physically exhausted and cries often.

Her disappearance sparked a national search that ended with their reunion Saturday.

“Today is too beautiful,” Violette Rodriguez said in French. “There will be two birthdays for my little Chloe.”


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