October 11, 2012

Tyler Perry Shapes Up For ‘Alex Cross’

Tyler Perry is stepping into Morgan Freeman’s shoes in his new thriller Alex Cross – and the funnyman shed more than his Madea costume for the role.

Tyler plays Alex Cross, the popular hero from 17 of James Patterson’s best-selling books and a role that Morgan Freeman made famous years ago in 1997′s Kiss the Girls and 2001′s Along Came a Spider.

In order to play the intense Alex Cross, the director of the film, Rob Cohen, suggested he do “krav maga training… and I got so into it – and I’m still doing it because I loved it and it helped me drop the weight and find balance in life.” “The weight” Tyler’s talking about is a whopping 30 pounds, which puts him in the same league as his co-star in the film, Matthew Fox.

In the new film, Cross is hunting down Michael Sullivan, played by an unrecognizable Matthew Fox. He’s an ex-agency operative who relishes his assignments a little too much for society’s own good, and ups the stakes when he eliminates folks near and dear to the Detroit cops tracking him. To play the serial killer, Matthew lost 40 pounds to become “shockingly ripped” for the film.

Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox aren’t the only ones who’ve shed major pounds for a role.  Matthew McConaughey was recently seen out and about looking very thin having dropped a reported 30 pounds for The Dallas Buyer’s Club.  And who can forget Christian Bale’s 62 pound weight loss for 2003′s The Machinest or 50 Cent’s scary skinny Twitter photo after he went from 214 to 163 pounds for his role in Things Fall Apart.

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