October 8, 2012

Tom Daley shows off his ripped diver's body as he training on the beach in Australia

Hit 'em up: Tom however couldn't resist a little game of beach volleyball with his teammates

The Olympics are over, the media attention has cooled down, so now it's time for some relaxation.

Tom Daley shows how it's done as he lounges with his teammates on the beach in Adelaide, Australia.

The Olympic bronze medalist, 18, joined other sun worshipers on the sand during his trip to the land down under.

Although, ever the sportsman, Tom couldn't resist playing a little game of beach volley with his mates.

He appeared focused as he prepared to hit the yellow ball back to his friends, but at one point leaned back to watch the game with a smile on his face.

The young diver showed off his ripped body in a white, red and black striped swimsuit and put his brand new Olympic Games tattoo on display.

After the hectic summer, who can blame Tom for taking some time off to hang out at the beach?
Although later, Tom changed into a pair of the familiar tiny Speedos he competes in, as he laid down on his beach towel to soak up the sun.

And as the weather in England is getting chillier by the day, who can blame the young champion to want to work on his tan before his time in the sunny country is up.

Even though he seemed to enjoy his time on the beach, the trip isn't just all fun and games for the young diver. 

Before working on his bronze tan, the diver, pictured here with Tonia Couch, won a bronze medal during the Olympics
He is currently in Australia to train for the Junior World Diving Championships, but did manage to take some time off of his busy schedule to enjoy the spring sunshine.

'The World Juniors is always a high standard, so I will be going into the event aiming to perform my six dives to the best of my ability,' Tom told the BBC earlier this week. 

Chillin' time: Tom Daley enjoyed the Australian spring as he soaked up the sun in Adelaide in his familiar small swimsuit
And the Ozzie's were happy to see the good looking diver, according to Tom's Twitter page.

'What a reception at the airport :O haha,' he tweeted as he got off the airplane.

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