October 2, 2012

‘The First Time’ Trailer Is Certainly Aimed at Teenagers (VIDEO)

In the Land of Women director Jon Kasdan has finished a new movie, and those of you who are unabashed fans of high school flicks should find it to be pretty appealing. The First Time looks like such a typical teenage drama that it might very well be made up of a patchwork of scenes from past teen movies that you already know and love. I’m not sure if anyone would notice.

There’s the guy with the hopeless crush on the girl who just sees him as a friend, the girl who spends every waking moment obsessing over her status as a virgin, and whether or not she’s ready to end it. There’s the creepy older guy scamming on high school girls, and the kid in the glasses, who isn’t going to get to have a romantic subplot, but who is mostly just there to say something funny every once in a while. All your favorites, here in one place!

Who does the movie star? None other than names like Dylan O’Brien, Britt Robertson, Victoria Justice, and James Frecheville. Who are these people? Yeah, I’m not entirely certain either; but they’re all fresh-faced, young, and attractive, so that’s all you need to know.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. That this movie looks like every other teen movie and stars attractive youngsters isn’t actually all you need to know. From the looks of this trailer, Kasdan’s script appears to be derivative, but it’s also not without its witty patter. Listening to that blonde girl sling the sass could be good for a laugh or two.

Check out the trailer below!

The First Time will be released sometime this fall, keep an eye out for it if this sort of thing is your bag. 

Synopsis: THE FIRST TIME is a high school romance that follows two teenagers over the course of one weekend. Dave, a senior about to graduate, and Aubrey, a junior from a different school, meet one night at a party. What begins as a casual conversation soon turns into something more intimate, more romantic, and more complicated than either of them is ready for.

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